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Diego Santana:
                              Diego first discovered his love and passion for the Tango in 2002 when  he was invited to a Milonga  by a friend in his native Uruguay. 
He  got falls in love the Tango, you could not keep himself off the dance floor. This love led him to explore different styles and possibilities of Tango dance during the last ten years. He  has travelled to Tango Festivals all over the country and studied with many world renown instructors.  Always working to improve his style; In a constant learning and research with teachers  as "Chicho" Mariano Frumboli, Sebastian Arce, Gustavo Naveira, Hommer Ladas, Esteban Cortez, Omar Correa, Aoniken , Alejandra Martinian among others. 
                             His creativity, extraordinary musicality and interpretation have become one of the greatest Uruguayan Tango exponents. His style shows an indescribable mix of Traditional Tango, New Tango ; besides all this, Diego has been characerized in the  floor for his ingenious  interpretation of the Milonga genre.
To compleme his artistic training Diego has a background in Theatre at the school of Hugo Blandamuro .

                  In 2004 Diego decided tango was just too exciting to keep it all to himself, and began teaching. His approach embraces a wide range of styles that inspire a continuous exploration of the tango’s many facets. Diego is currently teaching Tango in South Florida with various different partners.

                Diego with multiple partners has worked for several Dance Companies and Entertainment productions: Enamorados del Tango in New York, Andrea Bocelli show on TV, Miami Contemporary Dance, Brasilian Carnival, Top 1 Entertainment, Tango in Motions, Dance South Florida etc. He has performed in theaters as Catarsis (Miami) "El Galpon" (Uruguay), XV International Tango Festival in Montevideo. It was special guest at the 2do. Tango Marathon  in Miami as in Argentine.Chicago Festival. Festival West Palm Beach and the Uruguayan Festival in Lake Worth. Also performed shows at  Broward Center for the Performing Arts, Manuel Artime Theatre, Julius Littman Performing Arts Theatre, Boca Raton, Deerfield Beach, Pembroke Pines, West Palm Beach and countless hotels and restaurants in Florida.

               "The Cumparcita" for the Uruguayan Consulate hired by Matos Rodriguez's         granddaughter who was the author of the song.

            As a tango dj at Chicago Mini Festival and several Milongas in Miami, Diego plays a mix of traditional, nuevo, and alternative tango songs. He strongly believes that having a wide variety of music, with something for everyone, keeps dancers happy, inspired, and open to endless and exciting possibilities on the dance floor. 
                  He strives to take dancers for a ride throughout which they can experience all different kinds of moods from upbeat and fast to smooth or even sentimental and nostalgic. Diego has been a dj at the Tapas y Tintos Milonga every Monday.
                  In 2011 Diego started to work in "Tapas y Tintos" Milonga  and "Tangocho" Milonga and occasionally at "La Baldoza" Milonga, " La Ideal " Milonga and C.I.T.A.  to expand the growing alternative Tango scene in Miami. The Milonga is now hosted by Lorena Arrestia and Diego Santana.
Tango Shoes:
                         Bring Tango Shoes directly from Argentina is in the works! check back soon!
Graphic Design for Tango: 
                                                  With a background in fine art and design, Diego has decided to combine his 2 strongest passions (Art and Tango) and offer his Graphic Design services for the Tango community’s needs. 
                                                  If you are a Milonga or festival organizer, instructor, or dance studio owner in need of flyers, business cards, website graphics, or any other promotional items, contact Diego to discuss your next project.

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